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Jerry has been creating winning digital marketing campaigns for local businesses since 2011. Through research and data, Jerry is able to effectively market his clients businesses by cutting wasteful ad spend while increasing ROI. See the 650% ROI Case Study Here.

Case Study: 90+ New Dental Appointment Leads in 45 Days

The Client: Noel Parades DDSThe OpportunityDr. Noel Paredes is a highly respected and renowned dentist in Fresno California. Dr. Paredes was an early adapter in advertising with Facebook ads. Though he utilized Facebook paid ads, he wasn't getting results with the objective he was optimizing for. The campaign he had in place was more of [...]

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Case Study: Michigan Dental Practice 1st Page Google Rankings

The Client: Michelson DDSThe OpportunityDr. Ryan Michelson is a native and local dentist in his hometown of Saginaw, MI. Dr. Michelson likes to provide a balance between health, function, and aesthetics of the oral cavity using the latest in-office dental technology. Since Dr. Michelson already uses the latest in dental technology, he wanted to use [...]

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3 Tactics to Gain New Customers With Facebook Ads

You’ve crafted everything about your business with your own blood, sweat, toil and tears. You’ve meticulously selected the best ingredients for your recipes. You’ve carefully vetted every one of your employees to ensure they’ll provide the best service. You waited in lines and filled out paperwork for hours. And now it’s all come together [...]

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3 Reasons Why 90% of Businesses Lose Money with Facebook Ads

  At this point in the game, most small business owners and entrepreneurs know they should be advertising on Facebook. After all, with over 1.71 billion active users on the platform, you’re almost guaranteed to reach new customers. Facebook advertising can be difficult for people inexperienced with it, though. While it might be easy to [...]

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The Easiest and Fastest Way to Get 15 New Patient Dental Leads in 10 Days

We all want more customers to grow our business, increase our revenue and have a steady flow of happy customers. Realizing that is the easy part. Achieving it is a little trickier, especially when you’ve got a business to run at the same time. One of the prime ways to turbo-boost your business is [...]

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Case Study: 15 New Dental Patients in 10 Days Using One Method

New Patient Appointments In 10 Days Hundred Dollars Earned Spent on ads   You've heard it before, "your business should be on Facebook". As as a business owner, I'm sure you've gone the whole 9 yards by creating a Facebook business page, posting daily, only to see little to no results in regards to new [...]

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Dental Practice Marketing Ideas: 5 Dental Practice Marketing Tactics for 2016

Market Your Dental Practice Locally in 2016 Is your dental practice in need of a marketing boost? Do you often find yourself searching for new dental practice marketing ideas or strategies? Or, do you not yet have a focused marketing plan for the remainder of 2016? I think you can agree with me when I say: [...]

Dental Practice Marketing Case Study: How we helped Valley Circle Dental turn their dismal website from a money pit into a lead generating machine!

Here’s how we got an EXTRA 1,600 pageviews and 20+ online appointments by using ONLY ONE online channel! Pageviews New Patient Inquires Teeth Whitening Offers Redeemed The Client Valley Circle Dental is a dental practice located in West Hills, CA and is owned by Dr. Ray Hatami. Dr. Ray has been [...]

Why Your Small Business Should Be Using Postcard Marketing

There are millions of small businesses operating in the United States today. If you want yours to stand out from the competition, you'll need to make a lasting impression on the general public. You'll have to convey a sense of excitement about the products or services that you offer and keep potential customers thinking about [...]

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