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But I Already Have A Website!  What Is A Mobile Website And Why Do I Need One?

The Internet, like anything else in life is constantly evolving and changing and the demands of our customers do the same. In 2015, mobile Internet phone use is expected to surpass traditional computer/laptop use! That means that more people will be looking for local businesses like yours with their mobile phones (such as iPhones, Blackberry’s and Androids) then on their computers.

Consider the following statistics:

71% of smartphone users have searched after seeing an ad.
Google/OTX, The Mobile Movement, U.S, Apr 2011

53% of searchers purchase as a result of a smartphone search.
Google/OTX, The Mobile Movement, U.S, Apr 2011

70% of smartphone users use their device while shopping in-store.
Google/OTX, The Mobile Movement, U.S, Apr 2011

75.7% of the population uses mobile phones.
eMarketer, August 2011

Mobile advertising spending will top $1 billion for the first time in 2011, before reaching $4.39 billion in 2015.
eMarketer, September 2011

What this means for your business is that if you don’t get mobile, you might get left behind. Here’s why…

Prospective Customers Are Using Their Smart Phones To Search For Your Products And Services Locally But They Expect Your Website To Be Easily Seen On Their Device

If you haven’t ever used a smart phone to look at an un-optimized website then you might not know how excruciatingly painful it can be. Picture your website squished down to a 4 inch screen. It’s next to impossible to read!

Sure the user can pinch and zoom and scroll and hopefully find your phone number. Unfortunately most won’t; they’ll move on instead.

Here’s how your prospective customers experience should go…

• The customer comes to your website somehow (via SEO or some other method).

• The website instantly detects the user is on a mobile phone and redirects them seamlessly to the mobile version. When done properly this is incredibly fast and the user never knows they are being sent to the mobile version. This is paramount – you never want them to have to search for a button to click to go to the mobile site (this is just dumb really).

• On the mobile site the prospective customer sees exactly what they need in front of them. There’s your phone number front and center (which they can tap to call instantly). There’s a map to your location (if appropriate) and there’s a few simple pages that explain more about what you do.

Simple.  Your prospective customers when finding you from a mobile device just want simplicity.  They want to be able to read your information and they want your phone number and location front and center.

That’s how we’ll build the mobile ready version of your website design.  Give us a call today at 1-818-937-3042 or use our contact form and we’ll get started.