Case Study: 90+ New Dental Appointment Leads in 45 Days

The Client: Noel Parades DDSThe OpportunityDr. Noel Paredes is a highly respected and renowned dentist in Fresno California. Dr. Paredes was an early adapter in advertising with Facebook ads. Though he utilized Facebook paid ads, he wasn't getting results with the objective he was optimizing for. The campaign he had in place was more of [...]

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Case Study: Michigan Dental Practice 1st Page Google Rankings

The Client: Michelson DDSThe OpportunityDr. Ryan Michelson is a native and local dentist in his hometown of Saginaw, MI. Dr. Michelson likes to provide a balance between health, function, and aesthetics of the oral cavity using the latest in-office dental technology. Since Dr. Michelson already uses the latest in dental technology, he wanted to use [...]

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Case Study: 15 New Dental Patients in 10 Days Using One Method

New Patient Appointments In 10 Days Hundred Dollars Earned Spent on ads   You've heard it before, "your business should be on Facebook". As as a business owner, I'm sure you've gone the whole 9 yards by creating a Facebook business page, posting daily, only to see little to no results in regards to new [...]

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Dental Practice Marketing Case Study: How we helped Valley Circle Dental turn their dismal website from a money pit into a lead generating machine!

Here’s how we got an EXTRA 1,600 pageviews and 20+ online appointments by using ONLY ONE online channel! Pageviews New Patient Inquires Teeth Whitening Offers Redeemed The Client Valley Circle Dental is a dental practice located in West Hills, CA and is owned by Dr. Ray Hatami. Dr. Ray has been [...]