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What Is A Mobile App And Why Do I Need One?

A ‘mobile app’ is a small application that actually gets loaded onto your smartphone (like an iPhone, Blackberry or Android). Rather than a website that the user has to visit, it is a small piece of software that gets loaded on the smartphone and is always there.

This poses a problem and an opportunity for a local business like yours. First the problem. People’s phones tend to get cluttered with apps pretty quickly and so they often purge (delete) those that aren’t adding any value to their lives. Why would they clutter their phones with software that doesn’t do anything for them? So the problem isn’t getting your app downloaded to your prospects phones as it is just keeping it there.

So the opportunity then is to be able to create an app that’s worthy of staying on your customer’s phones because if it is something that they do keep then you can communicate with them regularly (and get them to purchase more frequently).

But is this something you should even worry about? Statistics show that 1 in 4 adults now use mobile apps (source: So, statistically speaking, 25% or more of your target clientele are using apps. We think that’s a very good reason that you should consider having a mobile app created for your business.

Of course it depends on what types of products and services that you sell. Not every business makes sense for a mobile app (some are more suited for a mobile website only).

If you are in Los Angeles County and interested in mobile app development, the best thing to do is to give us a call at 818-937-3042. We’ll set up a time for a no-obligation consultation. During that consultation we’ll make sure that a mobile app is right for your business. Located outside Los Angeles county? No problem, we can still offer our mobile app development services to you. We’ll strategize creative ways to make sure that users keep it on their phones and that it will drive new business to your operation.

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