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Best Los Angeles Web Design Company for Small Business

Web Design With An Eye On Profitability

Whether you have never had a website or you simply need a new look for an old website, you have landed on the right page. Web design is at the core of our business. We’ve designed dozens of websites for Los Angeles Companies that look great and do a fine job of representing our client’s businesses.

But that’s not what makes us different…

What makes us different is that we don’t just build websites that look pretty. Sure, they will look good and be mobile responsive when we are done with them, but we also design them with the purpose of generating revenue for your company. After all, what good looking website if it doesn’t actually do anything or generate revenue for your business?

How We Design Websites That Drive Revenue

We want to make it clear here that we will work with you to design a website that functions and looks like something you can be proud of. We’re not saying that looks aren’t important because they are. What we are saying is that design without functionality that leads to increased revenue for your business is a waste of money.

We design our client’s websites by beginning with the end in mind. First we need to have a plan on how we are going to get your target audience to actually come to the website. Are you going to put your web address on your advertising? Are you going to tell people about it and hope they remember and go to your site? Will you put it on business cards? Are you going to implement search engine optimization? Do you want it to be mobile friendly?

We suggest all of the above but more importantly we suggest getting your website optimized for the search engines as we discuss on our SEO page. If you want Internet users to find your business then you need to have a website that is designed properly from the beginning. You’ll end up paying more in the long run if you don’t do it right at the start.

The next design consideration we get into is conversion. That is, once people come to your website how do we get them to actually pick up the phone and call you (or email you if that is more appropriate in your industry)?

Here’s how we design your website with this in mind…

• First we make sure your site is full of interesting, unique, relevant content. Search Engines such as Google love this and it has the added benefit of making you look like the local expert on your service.

• Next we have a strong call to action. Have you ever been to a website and not been able to find the phone number to call? Or not known what to do next? We see it all of the time. If it’s appropriate in your business for prospective clients to call then we make sure your phone number is in the prime real estate on the website where they can’t miss it. The same holds true of email if that is more appropriate to you industry.

• Part of the call to action, we encourage you to have some kind of a coupon or special offer to incent prospective customers to call now. Everybody likes a deal and your website visitors will more likely call when they are offered one. We’ll work with you to develop an offer that works and we’ll even design the artwork for it.

These are just a few things we can do to build you a website that actually drives revenue to your bottom line. Brochure style websites that nobody actually sees just clutter the Internet and waste your money.

Give us a call at 1-818-937-3042 or use or contact form for a no-obligation quote on your web design needs and we’ll show you how a new website can add profit to your business.