Case Study: Michigan Dental Practice 1st Page Google Rankings

The Client: Michelson DDS

The Opportunity

Dr. Ryan Michelson is a native and local dentist in his hometown of Saginaw, MI. Dr. Michelson likes to provide a balance between health, function, and aesthetics of the oral cavity using the latest in-office dental technology. Since Dr. Michelson already uses the latest in dental technology, he wanted to use the same approach in online marketing. He reached out to us with the hope of gaining more exposure and new dental patients through Search Engine Optimization.

The Challenge

Dr. Michelson already had an established website and after a brief website audit, we quickly found that it was not properly optimized with the latest SEO techniques. The website was also lacking in CTA's (calls to action) and had little content on the homepage. No analytic tracking was in place, therefore, the practice had no idea where their traffic was coming from.

The Solution

We first conducted a thorough website audit to help find what areas we needed to focus on in regards to optimizing the website. After our audit we recommended that we create a new web design that would add more optimized content to the homepage and have the necessary calls to action needed to entice users to contact the dental office. 

Once the new design and content was in place, we added the necessary analytic tracking code to begin tracking website visitors. We also added dynamic insertion call tracking that would help identify where the visitor/lead came from (Google, Facebook, Bing etc.) and what phone number they dialed. This helps later when trying to determine the ROI of your SEO efforts.

Finally, we began outreach to help with off-site SEO. We reached out to relevant bloggers and websites within the healthcare industry to reference (or link to) his website, which helps with organic rankings in the long run. 


The Results

First Page Keyword Rankings
Google Maps 1st Page Rankings
Phone Calls from Google Search

By optimizing Dr. Michelson's website and implementing a proper off-site (backlinking) SEO campaign, we were able to skyrocket his website traffic and leads. We began to see results within 2 months but didn't see the full results until about 6 months from the beginning of the SEO campaign. Now his website ranks on the first page of Google for over 35+ local keywords, 20+ Google map rankings and generated over 1700+ phone calls from search engine rankings!

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