Carpet Wagon Rolls on With SEO Success

Carpet Wagon was a fun project for us. The president Avo Barsoumian is awesome to work with. He undertood the value of SEO and wanted his company website to rank for many various keywords. He entrusted us with this task and we are grateful to be part of it. SEO After coming up with our [...]

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How to make your website look more professional

If you have ever been to a website, taken a look at it, and then realized that you didn't want to spend money there because it did not look “legitimate”, then you know exactly how a customer feels when they come across a website that does not cut it on professional standards. If your website does not [...]

Client – Website Design

This Los Angeles based client is in the 1911 Pistol grip niche market. He needed a custom looking website with a blog look and feel. He was also in need of a custom logo. After much research and planning we created a customized layout to meet the clients needs. Not only did we create the [...]

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