Website Design is a website dedicated to all things related to the Springfield M1A Rifle.  Here are some highlights.

  • The client wanted a hard grunge feel to the logo.
  • A rotating featured content gallery was added to display various articles and images.
  • A built in featured video section was created to display custom “how to or featured video”  which allows the owner to attract new customers and to demonstrate their expertise with M1A rifles.
  • Affiliate Marketplace section was created to allow the owner to gain traffic from users looking to purchase various M1A accessories.
  • Professionally written articles and images were used to assist in illustrating the various products and accessory guides.

Search Engine Optimization


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We were able to identify many avenues of approach for both on site and off site SEO (Search Engine Optimization). does not pay for any advertising but ranks naturally (organically) within the Google, Yahoo, and Bing search engines for many keywords.

Some keywords include;

  • M1A
  • M1A Rifles
  • and M1A Scout

We were able to aid this client in achieving an average of 19K visits and 50K plus page views a month. All natural web traffic and ALL FREE.


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