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Project Description

Dr. Ray Hatami and the staff at Valley Circle Dental are great to work with. During our initial SEO audit we found a few areas of improvement in regards to web design and SEO.

The Problem

Valley Circle Dental’s previous website was not responsive and did not display correctly in mobile devices. Also, the website was poorly optimized for the search engines. Our initial SEO audit showed a lot of improvements were needed to be properly optimized for local search results.

Valley Circle Dental was not showing on the first page of the search results pages for multiple local keyword search terms. This prevented them from receiving organic search traffic and leads on a monthly basis.

The need was a responsive website that was properly optimized for local search engine optimization.

The solution

We created a responsive and mobile friendly website that is properly optimized for local search results.


As of March 2015, Valley Circle Dental currently ranks on the first page of Google for several local keyword terms. This allows them to be in front of the pack and in front of users searching for local dental services via organic traffic.