Case Study: 90+ New Dental Appointment Leads in 45 Days

The Client: Noel Parades DDS

The Opportunity

Dr. Noel Paredes is a highly respected and renowned dentist in Fresno California. Dr. Paredes was an early adapter in advertising with Facebook ads. Though he utilized Facebook paid ads, he wasn't getting results with the objective he was optimizing for. The campaign he had in place was more of an awareness approach than a conversion focused approach. 

The Challenge

Dr. Paredes already had an established ad account with Facebook so we requested access and ran a audit. We found that his current campaign objective didn't fit with his goals of gaining new leads. The campaign that was previously setup was also costing him money by focusing on reaching the masses in his local area with little to no clicks or phone calls. 

The Solution

After our audit we recommended that we shift the Facebook ad objective from Local Awareness to a Lead Ads campaign. WIth a Lead Ads campaign, Facebook will optimize the ads and display them with people who are most likely to fill out the form and become a lead.

We then brainstormed some offers and came up with a $99 (60% off) Dental exam plus offer. The dental exam plus includes a dental exam, cleaning and x-rays for $99. We crated the ad copy and a slideshow to include in the final ad (see image).

Once we had the offer and ad created, we created our targeted audience within the ad manager. We wanted to show our ad to people making over $50k a year, had family in the home and were located within 10 miles of the dental office. 

As you can see the ad got some social engagement with the local population. It generated 96 likes, 17 comments and was shared 26 times. In addition to positive engagement, the ad also generated over 90+ new dental leads within 45 days.

The Results

Facebook Leads
Cost Per Lead

By optimizing Dr. Paredes' Facebook ad campaign, we were able to skyrocket his local exposure, social engagement  and leads. We began to see results within the first 5 days. Leads were trickling in but as Facebook optimized the ads as it gathered data, we then started to see leads come in at a rapid rate!

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